What is The LocTyte Tool?

The LocTyte Tool is a professional tool used to maintain locs using a technique called interlocking. It replaces the crochet needle, latch hooks, and all other homemade tools used for interlocking dreadlocks.

What size Locs is it used for?

The LocTyte is designed for a small to large size loc and it comes in two sizes. The Loctyte mini is designed for small to micro locs.

Can you use the LocTyte Tool to start the locs?

No.  The LocTyte Tool is used for maintaining the locs by interlocking. However, because it replaces the crochet hook it can be used for crochet braiding.

Does the LocTyte Tool come in different colors?

The LocTyte Tool only comes in red at this time.


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